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 Illustration of Products

Zeta Industrial has spent the last 20 years producing high quality architectural polyurethane moldings, columns and ornaments. During that time, Zeta Industrial has developed a broad line of stock profiles and styles that draw from both the European and American design trends. Further, Zeta has a large design capability in order to provide our many clients with superior and affordable custom designs to meet their individual market conditions.

Our 100% CFC free moldings are amongst the best in the world. Our clients, from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East can all attest to our superior quality, our consistent and fashion forward design, and our consistent on-time delivery.

Our 100% CFC free architectural molded products give you a low cost alternative to locally produced alternatives, and are a great substitute for costly wood architectural products. Our key features are:

  01. Easy Installation and Use: Our polyurethane products are covered with a PVC film and then primed for easy
  02. Cost: our PU products are amongst the lowest cost and highest quality in the world.
  03. 100% CFC free: meets environmental standards
  04. Environment Friendly: product made from polyester as a raw material which saves the world¨s forests
  05. Light Weight
  06. Production Facility: Our factories has been audited by the world¨s top retailers. We have just opened a new   facility
  which encompasses the newest technology and production standards.
  07. Products: Our products have passed the most rigorous testing. Our quality control ensures that each product is
  uniform, consistent and up to the ZETA ^Gold Standard ̄
  08. Product Stability: no excessive expansion or contraction due to heat or cold
  09. Waterproof: the product does not absorb moisture or allow for water permeation or mildew creation.
  10. Anti-erosion: Acid and Alkali resistant
  11. Fireproof: non-combusting, non-burning



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